Rainbow Belts & Cowgirl Boots: A Journey to my Personal Style

There’s that well-known phrase “clothes don’t make a man.” For most of my life, I thought clothing was kind of superficial, but now I see it more as a personal artistic expression. Everywhere I go I see art in regular people’s clothing, and I appreciate being able to see more of the world. These days I figure that, if I am going to wear clothing, I might as well really enjoy what I’m wearing. 

I feel delighted that my clothing is now a creative expression that helps the world see me for who I really am in all my love, creativity, power, and joy. I feel so much more like me. 

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Hiris & Co's Mindful Living & Artful Style Blog: An Introduction

Welcome to Hiris & Co's Blog, Mindful Living & Artful Style! Hiris & Co supports individuals and groups in their empowerment, life transitions, creativity, work and well-being. We offer mindful, artful & personal style support for you, as well as courses for integrating mindful and creative thinking into your life and work.

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