To live is to be in a state of transition. We are all in a space-in-between all the time. So let’s settle into that space, observe it, and take some deep breaths. Let’s be our awake, in-tune, honest, and creative selves while growing and evolving in and with the world!
-Sara Hiris

Welcome! I’m Sara. My work is at the nexus of Creativity, Wellness, Education & Leadership. These areas are all intertwined and complement one another. Running through and connecting all of these areas is, in my opinion, mindfulness. By mindfulness, I mean being self-aware, taking the time to truly listen and observe, being open to multiple perspectives, not making assumptions or judgments, noticing potential and possibilities, taking time for integration, reflection and further investigation. These skills need to be cultivated in order to cultivate creativity, health, teaching + learning, and effective leadership.

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Based in Denver, CO.
Working Worldwide.
Mindful. Artful. Personal.
© 2019 Sara Hiris

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