To live is to be in a state of transition. We are all in a space-in-between all the time. So let’s settle into that space, observe it, and take some deep breaths. Let’s be our awake, in-tune, honest, and creative selves while growing and evolving in and with the world!
-Sara Hiris

Mission & Story

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I offer mindfulness-based: yoga+meditation, styling for you and your spaces, workshops & writings.
In Joy,

Mindful & Artful Personal Styling

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I feel more powerful, confident, and authentically me…I recommend Sara to everyone I talk to who wants to shine brighter in their lives. -Josie Bouchier, Acupuncturist.

Yoga & Meditation

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Mindfulness & Creativity Blog

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I wholeheartedly recommend Sara to any woman...that is moving into a new part of life and needs some support to feel more confident on her path... -Lisa Rundall

Creating Intentional Spaces

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Sara is artful, inspiring, and truly unique in her approach. -Priya Wellness

Speaking & Workshops

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Sara was a great instructor. Very enthusiastic and motivating. Started meaningful discussions and taught me to be mindful. Very inspiring! -Future Teacher

Joyful & Radiant Clients

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Photography by Lisa Rundall and Sara Hiris

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Based in Denver, CO. Offering services in-person and via Skype. 
Yoga + Meditation, Styling, Workshops, Writings + Art.
Mindful. Artful. Personal.
© 2019 Sara Hiris